Anwar Al-Siyouf company

Anwar Al-Siyouf is a leading company in the field of import, export and distribution inside and outside the Saudi market for various types of wallpaper and parquet

EVENT company

The brand name “EVENT” symbolize high quality and reliability. Our mission is to:
– To continue establishing “EVENT” as a top brand which ensures “The most delicate care for the whole body”;
– To continue developing qualitative products and offering them at reasonable prices;
– To satisfy consumers’ needs in the utmost degree;
– To expand the current range with new products or develop new product categories;

EVENT HYGIENICoffers hygiene care for the entire family. The range includes high quality pocket wet wipes, wet towels dedicated for intimate care cleansing and antibacterial properties, cotton buds.

Especially developed for babies from 0 to 2 years old, this extremely soft baby cosmetics line is entirely based on DERMA PREBIOTIC BioEcolia and natural ingredients such as extracts of chamomile, almond, aloe vera, and etc. The brand offers Innovative formulas in combination with the most valuable nature’s extracts, almond oil, olive oil, macadamia oil.

EVENT ladies tampons ensure the most reliable protection and leave the woman with a feeling of complete cleanness and comfort. With EVENT ladies tampons you will take pleasure in the freedom of your movements.

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